Google Grants

DL Media now offers nonprofit organizations a Google Grants program package

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DL Media now offers nonprofit organizations a Google Grants program package for just $495 per month, with a one-year contract. You’ll benefit from… Up to four hours of videography and editing to create one thirty-second television PSA. The PSA will be sent to all local TV stations and cable systems, as well as promoted on YouTube through the Google for …

Going Blue for Child Abuse Prevention Month!

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Each year in April, the President of the United States issues a proclamation to announce National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Many State Governors also issue proclamations to encourage public awareness of child abuse and neglect, recommit State resources to the cause, and promote community involvement through State and local activities. We’re proud supporters of area organizations who help prevent child …

Use of Social Media Infographics on the Rise

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While content consumption has been growing, consumers are becoming increasingly visual. That means consumers now seem to prefer images, videos and infographics over other types of content. At DL Media, we create what we call Social Squares and the attached image is one we created for our client, National Airlines. Social Squares are photos or infographics with limited text (so …

advertising agency

Five reasons to hire an advertising agency

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We are experts in winning the battle for market share. For the uninitiated, launching an ad campaign is daunting. Covering unchartered territory, while marketing, branding and promoting your company can feel a lot like space exploration. Space is vast. It’s full of the unknown. Mistakes are costly. It can be downright scary. You need our experienced guides to steer you …

The Power of Content

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Do not underestimate the power of good content to engage customers. Stripped of photos and graphics, your business website, social media channels or services brochure is actually built on a foundation of words (content). If your story is weak, your customers will know it. Provide value by providing credible information in an easy to understand and engaging way. Providing ongoing, …

Media Vision

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Can you see through these glasses? We definitely can. We look at your business communication (both social and traditional media) through the eyes of a marketer. This means we’re going to analyze your current and past advertising and make recommendations to move your brand forward. My staff writers pride themselves on being storytellers. I know what you’re thinking, and no, …

Hashtag Power

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Hashtag: a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic. –Google The lovable hashtag has become an important part of the communication funnel of social media. A veritable tidal wave of content is being produced, distributed and promoted on social media every minute of every day and hashtags …

Pay Per Click Ads

Pay-Per-Click Ads DO Pay!

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DL Media is a local/regional/national pay-per-click (PPC) ad agency specializing in building and managing online marketing campaigns for small to mid-sized businesses. We also provide online, print and broadcast support to other advertising agencies and their clients.  As detail oriented media professionals, we focus on goals, traffic numbers and targeted results ensuring any custom-built PPC advertising plan (and budget spend) …