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Twitter Keyword Ad Marketing

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Social giant continues to roll out more marketing options. The explosion of search advertising in the mid-2000s put keywords on the advertising pedestal, letting brands pinpoint specific, intent-laden words they’d like to target against. Keyword ads have worked brilliantly, as evidenced by Google’s multibillion-dollar advertising business. Now Twitter, reportedly planning to go public within the next year, wants in on …

Content Marketing

The Pros and Cons of Content Marketing

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Many marketers hail the benefits of content marketing, but is it as glamorous as those who have found success proclaim? PROS 1. You evoke an emotional response. This comes with a caveat: you must produce meaningful content to evoke an emotional response. Should you do this, however, you have the opportunity to attract readers, a following and loyalty. In social media, this …

What Not to Do With Your Online Presence

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Don’t: Use blanket “Like Us” messages to drive people to your social media pages. Do: Give consumers a reason to like you, follow you, circle you, or whatever other action they need to take when promoting your social pages in emails, blogs, or your website. Highlight unique benefits they get by joining your social community—exclusive offers, contests, entertaining or informative …

Behavorial Targeting

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Behavioral (ad) Targeting promises to precisely target the audience that matter most. Hit the users with the right message, a message that they care about. It is all about audience. Consumers are consistently more receptive to behaviorally targeted ads than to contextual advertising. Here’s how behavioral targeting works: Targeting companies establish an agreement with a publisher, who puts a piece …

One in Five Ad Dollars

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Worldwide, digital ad spending passed the $100-billion mark for the first time last year, according to new eMarketer estimates, and will increase by a further 15.1% in 2013 to $118.4 billion. That will put worldwide digital ad spending levels—including online and mobile advertising spending, other than messaging-based formats—at 21.7% of the total spent on ads in all media this year, …