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Video Neutral: How Brands Can Blur the Lines Between TV and Online Video – Think with Google

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As a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency, DL Media helps you meet your customers where they’re at, and when they’re ready to buy. Increase your reach with YouTube ads. YouTube offers one more way to grab your customers’ attention as they enjoy on-screen entertainment. Data shows there are many advantages to blurring the lines between TV and online video. …

Google Rolls Out Expanded Text Ads

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As our world becomes more and more mobile driven, Google continues to make changes to help consumers and marketers succeed. Earlier this year, Google removed ads from the right side of search result pages to make user experience consistent across desktop, mobile and tablets. Yesterday, Google rolled out Expanded Text Ads, one of the biggest changes to Google AdWords in …

Google AdWords Right Side Ads Removed

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In response to six years of testing, Google has announced it will be removing ads from the right-hand side of all desktop search results. Ads will only be placed at the top and/or bottom of the page. Google may show an additional ad (four instead of three) above the search results for “highly commercial queries.” This change reflects Google’s desire …