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DL Media now offers nonprofit organizations a Google Grants program package

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DL Media now offers nonprofit organizations a Google Grants program package for just $495 per month, with a one-year contract. You’ll benefit from…

  • Up to four hours of videography and editing to create one thirty-second television PSA. The PSA will be sent to all local TV stations and cable systems, as well as promoted on YouTube through the Google for Nonprofits program
  • Creation of three, thirty-second radio ads per year to promote your cause or events. These ads will be distributed to area radio stations to run on their PSA schedules.
  • Monthly click and impression reports from Google will show campaign progress.
  • Flexible billing terms, based on your organization’s needs.

In addition to these benefits, our Google-certified media team will make it their mission to put more power behind your cause. As part of the Google for Nonprofits program package, they’ll work to secure a Google Ad Grant to promote your operation. Google Ad Grants include both search-based text ads and YouTube campaigns.

The Google Ad Grants program has just a few requirements for eligibility and we’ll help you determine if your organization meets the criteria for inclusion in this amazing program. When your organization qualifies, we’ll write a Google Grant on your behalf, making your nonprofit a potential $10,000-per-month Google Nonprofit campaign recipient – that’s potentially $120,000 per year in free advertising! The sole purpose of Google Grants is to give back to local organizations by helping your organization be found in Google and YouTube searches. More exposure translates into increased awareness, donations and volunteers for your worthy cause.