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Five reasons to hire an advertising agency

admin From Dianne's Desk

We are experts in winning the battle for market share. For the uninitiated, launching an ad campaign is daunting. Covering unchartered territory, while marketing, branding and promoting your company can feel a lot like space exploration. Space is vast. It’s full of the unknown. Mistakes are costly. It can be downright scary. You need our experienced guides to steer you through the void.

Our members are laser-focused in their specialty. Our advertising agency offers expertise in the different disciplines required to run a successful ad campaign. Teams are comprised of members who are experts in copywriting, web development, design, social media strategy, media buying and more. We continually sharpen our specialized skills in order to serve your cause.

We travel at warp speed. Team members are adept at hitting deadlines while staying in budget. Our deep pool of creativity fuels your project. We know how to get results quickly.

Black holes, asteroids, force fields and surprise attacks…We’ve seen it all.
Our advertising agency anticipates and solves problems so you don’t experience any emergencies. This translates into extra time for you to cater to your customers and build your business.

We know all the important aliens at each remote space station. Our agency has connections. We know the right people to get you the best deals. For instance, have you ever tried to negotiate ad placement with a media rep? We have. Even better, we act as a buffer for some of those more difficult beings who may exhibit foreign behaviors and questionable motives.

We have the wisdom of a tiny, weathered 300-year-old space mentor. Combined experience really adds up. It’s invaluable. As advertising professionals, we spend our days culling ingenious ways to promote our clients in a principled manner. We quell any dark forces that come your way.

The DL Media crew is invested because we are on the journey with you. Each member knows their part in delivering safe passage. Success comes when you have staked your territory in the marketing universe. Not until we have effectively broadcast your presence, delivered your unique message and helped you grow your customer base will we consider our mission complete.