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It’s time to shine: Five terrific benefits of publishing a press release

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At DL Media, we understand reputation management. We know how to craft a press release in proper industry format, include just the right details and distribute it to the appropriate network. A successful press release goes a long way in protecting and enhancing your brand. Let us help you build a positive online reputation.

Here are five terrific benefits of publishing a press release:

  1. Win maximum exposure. When you distribute a press release, you get your message in front of a larger audience. Quality content, written by a professional, increases your chances of getting picked up by multiple publishers. Press releases trigger media coverage through TV, radio, online and/or print channels.
  2. Gain recognition. Each press release offers an opportunity to educate your audience regarding your field or area of expertise. Recognize the importance of choosing topics relevant to your readers. Back up your knowledge with statistics to increase credibility. With each subsequent release, full of helpful information, you’ll build a reputation as an industry expert and trusted advisor.
  3. Increase traffic. Get more visitors to your website. Newsworthy content encourages people to learn more about your company. Press releases resulting in publication help build a network of inbound links to your site.
  4. Cut through the clutter. The construction of a successful press release forces you to clarify your message. When your release goes out on the wire, people will know the exact reason you’re interesting, what your company does and how you and your company can both be of benefit to them.
  5. Enjoy the domino effect. When one reporter picks up your story, it makes the content more appealing to other publishers. For instance, a great local story with a timely topic can garner the attention of the national press.

Let DL Media guide you through all the best practices for building your online reputation. For instance, did you know including photos, video links or infographics with your submission greatly increases engagement? Our copywriters have both the expertise and tools in place to create and distribute polished press releases. We let you choose whether to distribute your release at the local, regional or national level. Give us a call. We’re ready to put your organization in the spotlight and make you shine.