Campaign Components


Media buying is a sub function of advertising campaign management. The main task of TV media buying lies within the negotiation of price and placement to ensure a target demographic is delivered for the best possible value. We used the term television to represent traditional ads on broadcast and cable in addition to nontraditional ads including cinema (ads running prior to the start of a movie in a local theater), video displays at convenience store fuel pumps and ads airing on jumbo screens in sporting venues.

People spend significantly more time with television than with any other medium. Television maintains the highest reach, nearly 90% of the adult population every day, and over 80% of every age, income and education category. In addition to high daily reach, more time is spent with television each day than any other medium – over five hours for adults over the age of 18 and high levels across other age, income and education demographic cells.

A Nielsen research survey asked consumers to cite what one type of advertising is the most exciting, influential, persuasive, authoritative and engaging. Their research shows TV advertising consistently receives the highest scores, with significant margins over all other media. Nielsen’s partnership with Twitter is now measuring engagement between television, radio and social media.

There are many places to advertise on TV and it can be overwhelming. We guide you through the process and help achieve your goals by building the most effective and efficient plans for your investment. We manage campaigns from media planning and buying to post-buy analysis and reporting.

Anyone can buy spots directly from media salespeople. However, whether and where your ads will air may not be certain and more likely than not you’ll get what you pay for – cheap spots and limited results. We specialize in performance and price; sometimes taking a higher price to ensure your ads appear in specific programming perfect for your target audience. We always look for added-value opportunities with each media plan including endorsements or sponsorships when budget allows.

In addition to research, planning and buying, we help with trafficking and ensure that your ads have run as agreed and, if not, we require appropriate make-goods to compensate for their errors. We work to analyze campaigns against performance and optimize strategies as needed.


It is often said “radio advertising is theater of the mind” because the images created and sparked come from within. As in live theater, radio depends and thrives upon an effective connection and interaction with the audience. Audiences respond because radio gives voice to the individual. Listen closely and you will hear why a station’s appeal is largely a result of every day, local people calling in to share their politics, jokes and intimate thoughts with the host and thousands of fellow listeners.

A successful ad campaign will exploit radio’s immediacy and personality to build awareness, sales and even a product’s Q-Rating (likeability). It may surprise you to learn radio can be an affordable advertising vehicle. Compared to other media, radio boasts low production costs, low cost-per-thousand impressions and the ability to target by geography, demographics and even psychographics.

We are experts at radio media planning and buying and use radio’s immediacy and affordability to drive event attendance, product sales or professional services. We will build your business brand through creative sponsorship opportunities and station events. When you work with DL Media, be confident you’ll receive expert guidance backed by years of experience and data-driven knowledge of strategies that consistently maximize the strengths radio offers.


Pay-per-click (commonly known as PPC), and cost-per-thousand (CPM) impression campaigns offer a wide variety of options and benefits to businesses of all sizes. We specialize in building and managing digital campaigns, each specifically tailored to reach the desired customer as efficiently as possible.

For example, a campaign for a local business could include banner (display style) ads on a local television station’s or newspaper’s website (typically sold as a CPM campaign), relevant search-based text and display ads on Google, Yahoo and Bing, Facebook engagement or sweepstakes campaigns and banner ads retargeting people who have previously visited your business website (typically PPC campaigns).

Pay-per-click campaigns generate thousands of ad impressions and your budget is only impacted when the ad is clicked. Impression campaigns also generate thousands of ad impressions, but are typically billed as a flat rate (i.e. a $500 investment would have 50,000 guaranteed impressions). These types of ads do not impact search engine organic ranking as they are paid listings.

Text-based PPC ads deliver immediate page-one visibility in search results. If your company does not have strong search engine visibility, PPC campaigns can be an efficient way to show your business website to potential customers. Display ads on relevant local websites can be an effective way to build your brand or promote a sale/event.

Smartphone and tablet usage is growing at an explosive rate and mobile internet usage has overtaken desktop internet usage. Effective mobile marketing strategies allow brands to create two-way communication with their consumers. Mobile strategies are considered as part of every digital campaign.

Our digital media department will plan, design, execute and manage mobile search-based and display ad campaigns as part of our digital strategies. Retargeting (also known as remarketing), QR code, coupon targeting, social or texting campaigns can be designed to best serve your goals and audience.


Whether building your brand or sales, out-of-home (also known as outdoor) media provides an opportunity to get your message delivered to a large audience. Take a look around your city; out-of-home is everywhere. Out-of-home ads include city or highway billboards (whether paper posters, vinyl, digital or tri-vision displays), bus stop or bench signage, transit/train or in-bus displays or sports venue signage, to name a few.

Although it may be the oldest form of advertising, out-of-home is leveraging new technology as never before. With digital opportunities and the availability of new materials, out-of-home can be found in places and employed in ways previously only imagined. For example, with digital, we can change campaigns and creative messages as we do radio or television commercial traffic. We can manage real-time messages and employ new materials to connect with people in ways and in places they never expected.

Out-of-home can still surprise and engage. In a world with an increasing short attention span, out-of-home benefits by being part of the real world. Consumers can’t turn off, pull the switch or change the channel on out-of-home media. We’ll secure the lowest rates, demographically and geographically target and engage your increasingly elusive consumer right where they live, work and play.


We can effectively reach target customers through our print media buying services. Print can be an integral part of retail, event and web-based strategies. Our capabilities span following types of print media:

  • Consumer magazines
  • Business-to-business magazines
  • Local, regional and national publications
  • Daily and weekly newspapers (classified, retail display and free-standing inserts)
  • Business journals

From local to national campaigns we plan print media to reach impression goals and target audience demographics while maximizing budget and added value opportunities.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is more than a generic mailing list of homes in a specific zip code. Our lists, for both traditional mail and email, can drill down to specific age, gender, education and economic demographic profiles in addition to behavior traits and geographic areas. We offer a full range of database marketing products along with practical ideas to meet your marketing goals.

Our lists come from a 33-year old ISO9001 certified direct marketing database company. In order to be ISO9001 certified, they follow strict processes in order to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. If a problem arises, regardless how big or small, a solution will be found.

Direct marketing typically starts with a targeted list and ends with successful execution of a memorable idea. From three-dimensional pop-up mail pieces, postcards with removable magnets, clear envelopes that entice the consumer to explore contents, brochure self-mailers and creative packaging to engaging and data-collecting email campaigns, our direct marketing specialists deliver results.