Media Buying

Media buying is the calculated research, strategic planning, and the multi-million dollar buying power to negotiate rates that are both efficient and effective for your campaign. Our experience allows us to identify the proper targets and trends for your message. Market savvy allows us to exploit those same findings.



It is critical to get accurate information about the actual target audience. We can conduct interviews, organize phone surveys and moderate focus groups to determine strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth or improvement. Determining the primary and secondary target demographics is integral to the success of every media plan.



We use a variety of criteria when choosing media for clients. Factors such as lifestyle, income, education, current events, as well as viewing and/or listening data from Arbitron and Nielsen are all taken into account. We also consider the competitiveness of the marketplace and the overall competition to your brand.


Analysis is one of the most important pieces in the media puzzle. It’s our goal to make sure that every dollar planned and executed delivers the most readers, listeners, viewers, clicks and the like. It’s our passion to shuffle and audit so you don’t have to.

Online Advertising

A calculated online advertising strategy can help your business thrive in today’s marketplace; however, you won’t be competitive in tomorrow’s without one. Through content development, search engine marketing, social media management and post-campaign analysis, DL Media’s Engage team will help establish and develop a dominant online presence for your business.


Content Optimization

Content development and optimization are cornerstones of any successful online marketing strategy. They not only boost your search rankings, they showcase your particular expertise and motivate visitors to action.

Online Advertising

Search marketing, or SEM, helps your site gain traffic and visibility through paid and unpaid efforts. The quickest way to boost your site traffic is through paid search listings, which appear at the top and alongside organic search results.

Social Media Management

With active users in the hundreds of millions, a calculated social media strategy is no longer an optional component to a successful marketing plan.


In an ever-changing landscape, our post-campaign analysis harnesses important data and develops key reports. These reports help us track results, measure efficiency and calculate both existing and future trends within your online marketing strategy.

Video Production

From concept to completion, The Studio at DL Media is “your video outsource resource.” Let our talented and experienced staff help shape your marketing plan into a powerful, visual message that connects and resonates with your target customers.

Website Development

An online presence is the most important tool for businesses. Consumers will visit a business’s website long before they visit the store to make a purchase. We build websites from the ground up with your needs in mind, designed for your future growth.

Graphic Design

Business growth can be exponential if customers recognize you and know your brand over competitors.A successfully developed brand cannot be replaced with any other marketing tool.


Your image depends on quality photography, and DL Media’s Forge team has the tools and talent to make sure it’s accurately represented from product photos to corporate head shots.

Promotional Items

Want to guarantee daily exposure to your brand or message? DL Media Impress maximizes your brand awareness through a world of attention-grabbing promotional products. From pens and mugs to shirts and caps, we help you reach customers in a way no other media can; a way only limited by your own imagination. Put our direct-to-manufacturer buying power to work for your brand and see the results for yourself.



Traditional promotional products will always be in demand due to flexible, long-lasting designs.


If you’re looking for something different for that next promotional item, you’re only limited by your imagination.


If you’ve combed through the traditional and non-traditional catalogs and find yourself still searching for that perfect promotional, DL Media’s Impress team can help custom design a perfect one-of-a-kind piece for your business.