What is online advertising?

As an online advertising agency we can help your business thrive in today’s marketplace. Through content development, search engine marketing, and post-campaign analysis, DL Media will help establish and develop a dominant online presence for your business.

DL Media specializes in building and managing online marketing campaigns for small to mid-sized businesses. As detail-oriented media professionals, we focus on goals, traffic numbers and targeted results ensuring any custom-built pay-per-click (PPC) advertising plan and budget spend is pointed toward an expected return on investment.

Continual monitoring and improvement is crucial to ongoing PPC campaign success. We manage every account daily and can provide clients with robust reports. Clients can learn which keywords and keyphrases generate traffic and sales for their business. Hiring a PPC management company can be difficult for some business managers because they don’t know what questions to ask. We promise a plain-language approach and will do our very best to make the process an easy one.

DL Media is a Google Partner agency and unlike many AdWords agencies, we offer a complete turnkey service plan. We manage all details including campaign settings, ad groups, daily budget settings, geo-targeting and keyword research. We also manage text and display campaigns on the Bing/Yahoo network in addition to display ads seen throughout 2,000,000+ targeted websites in the Google Display Ad Network. Our ad campaigns include messages in a variety of sizes and are optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop displays. Display ads can incorporate text, images, videos or rich media and more.

Are you a nonprofit organization?

Online Advertising Non-Profits

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You’ll benefit from:
  • Monthly click and impression reports from Google will show campaign progress.
  • Creation of three, thirty-second radio ads per year to promote your cause or events. these ads will be distributed to area radio stations to run on their PSA schedules.
  • Up to four hours of videography and editing to create one thirty-second television PSA. The PSA will be sent to all local TV stations and cable systems, as well as promoted on YouTube through the Google for Nonprofits program.
  • Flexible billing terms, based on your organization’s needs.


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Content Optimization

Content development and optimization are cornerstones of any successful online marketing strategy. They not only boost your search rankings, they showcase your particular expertise and motivate visitors to action. With professional development and optimization, you can be sure your website speaks clearly to both potential customers and search engines.


Online Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM), helps your site gain traffic and visibility through both paid and unpaid efforts. The quickest way to boost your site traffic is through paid search listings, which appear at the top and alongside organic search results in a text-based format. Keyword research and analysis also help increase your site’s visibility. These components comprise a well-planned search marketing strategy designed to maximize traffic and exposure.


Social Media Management

With active users in the hundreds of millions, a calculated social media strategy is no longer an optional component to a successful marketing plan. Our social media professionals utilize a broad range of tools including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ in addition to mobile marketing to help your business generate large numbers of loyal, active followers. These followers, in turn, will make your business more profitable.



In an ever-changing landscape, our post-campaign analysis harnesses important data and develops key reports. These reports help us track results, measure efficiency and calculate both existing and future trends within your online marketing strategy. Flexibility is the key here, as a small shift based on reported data can ignite conversation and further develop your brand’s credibility.