Why do I need promotional items?

Want to guarantee daily exposure to your brand or message? DL Media Impress maximizes your brand awareness through a world of attention-grabbing promotional products. From pens and mugs to t-shirts and caps, we help you reach customers in a way no other media can; a way only limited by your own imagination. Put our direct-to-manufacturer buying power to work for your brand and see the results for yourself.



Traditional promotional products will always be in demand due to flexible, long-lasting designs. With thousands of items available, you’re sure to find the perfect shirt, cup, pen or whatever else you can imagine … all featuring your company logo and message.



If you’re looking for something different for that next promotional item, you’re only limited by your imagination. Non-traditional promotionals consist of pretty much anything onto which you can screen, embroider or press a logo. Napkin holders, temporary tattoos, pool toys, flashlights, USB thumb drives and speakers, just to name a few.



If you’ve combed through the traditional and non-traditional catalogs and find yourself still searching for that perfect promotional, DL Media’s Impress team can help custom design a perfect one-of-a-kind piece for your business. From stuffed animal toys, to inflatable mascot tunnels, to branded water fountains … if you can imagine it, we’ll make it happen.


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