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Video Neutral: How Brands Can Blur the Lines Between TV and Online Video – Think with Google

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As a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency, DL Media helps you meet your customers where they’re at, and when they’re ready to buy. Increase your reach with YouTube ads. YouTube offers one more way to grab your customers’ attention as they enjoy on-screen entertainment. Data shows there are many advantages to blurring the lines between TV and online video. …

Google’s TrueView ads are built on the promise that you’ll only pay when someone chooses to watch your video ad.

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At DL Media, our digital media experts know how to squeeze every penny out of an advertising budget. Google offers precise tools for doing just that. When it comes to video ads, TrueView is the answer. Let our Google-certified team grow your targeted audience with in-stream and discovery ads. Why bombard users with ads they don’t want to see? With …

Google Grants

DL Media now offers nonprofit organizations a Google Grants program package

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DL Media now offers nonprofit organizations a Google Grants program package for just $495 per month, with a one-year contract. You’ll benefit from… Up to four hours of videography and editing to create one thirty-second television PSA. The PSA will be sent to all local TV stations and cable systems, as well as promoted on YouTube through the Google for …

Pay Per Click Ads

Pay-Per-Click Ads DO Pay!

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DL Media is a local/regional/national pay-per-click (PPC) ad agency specializing in building and managing online marketing campaigns for small to mid-sized businesses. We also provide online, print and broadcast support to other advertising agencies and their clients.  As detail oriented media professionals, we focus on goals, traffic numbers and targeted results ensuring any custom-built PPC advertising plan (and budget spend) …