The Power of Content

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Do not underestimate the power of good content to engage customers. Stripped of photos and graphics, your business website, social media channels or services brochure is actually built on a foundation of words (content). If your story is weak, your customers will know it. Provide value by providing credible information in an easy to understand and engaging way. Providing ongoing, …

Media Vision

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Can you see through these glasses? We definitely can. We look at your business communication (both social and traditional media) through the eyes of a marketer. This means we’re going to analyze your current and past advertising and make recommendations to move your brand forward. My staff writers pride themselves on being storytellers. I know what you’re thinking, and no, …

SEO Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing vs. SEO: The Truth Behind A Ridiculous Debate

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“The struggle many face with online marketing is a misguided impulse to put various tactics into separate boxes instead of seeing each as an aspect of one overarching strategic process.” The headlines read… Content marketing usurps SEO… Content marketing has killed SEO… Content marketing overtakes SEO… The word “versus” often appears between these two purported rivals. Shoot me now. Or, …