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Five reasons to hire an advertising agency

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We are experts in winning the battle for market share. For the uninitiated, launching an ad campaign is daunting. Covering unchartered territory, while marketing, branding and promoting your company can feel a lot like space exploration. Space is vast. It’s full of the unknown. Mistakes are costly. It can be downright scary. You need our experienced guides to steer you …

DL Media’s Judy Stiles honored with the Anita Ludwig Award by AAF of the Ozarks

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Judy Stiles, media buyer for DL Media, was honored with the Anita J. Ludwig Award at AAF of the Ozarks 36th Annual American Advertising Awards (formerly known as the ADDYs) banquet on March 14, 2015. Originally recruited by Bob Noble in the 1970s, Ludwig was known for her southern drawl, quick wit, and an ability to get straight to the …

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Content Marketing vs. SEO: The Truth Behind A Ridiculous Debate

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“The struggle many face with online marketing is a misguided impulse to put various tactics into separate boxes instead of seeing each as an aspect of one overarching strategic process.” The headlines read… Content marketing usurps SEO… Content marketing has killed SEO… Content marketing overtakes SEO… The word “versus” often appears between these two purported rivals. Shoot me now. Or, …

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Facebook Debuts Hashtags, Urges Advertisers to Use Them

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Facebook today is officially unveiling hashtags to its platform after three months of industry speculation that it would make such a move. Hashtags, which are hugely popular on Twitter (and, to lesser extents, Instagram and Google+), should theoretically make the social media giant more conversational and could have significant search engine optimization implications. When it comes to the latter, let’s …