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Ten Reasons to Publish a Company Press Release

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Make no mistake – self promotion is good, especially when you’re successful in your business and a value to your clients or customers. In addition, self promotion can be used to garner more business, create more opportunities for success and boost your ranking in organic search results on sites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

One of the easiest ways to promote your business and talk about your successes is to publish a company press release. Unlike a blog article or a news item on your company website, a press release has the power to reach a vast audience via news wire services, RSS feeds, mobile news services, search engine results, and media outlets. Press releases, especially those drafted and published by DL Media offer high online visibility for your news and company.

For businesses of all sizes, January is traditionally a time of reflection and preparation. As such, it’s a great time to talk about your successes from the previous year, thank all who helped your company be successful, and convey your hopes for the coming year.

Here’s our list of Top Ten Reasons to Publish a Company Press Release

1. Press releases convey important news items and generate interest from the press about your business, employees, award, or project

2. Press releases drive traffic to your website, blog, social media accounts, etc.

3. Press releases can improve your organic ranking on search engine results pages

4. Press releases keep your customers, vendors, and partners informed about your company and achievements

5. Press releases allow you to promote your company and accomplishments

6. Press releases allow you to promote your products and services

7. Press releases allow you to express thanks and gratitude to customers, vendors, and partners

8. Press releases help to build your business brand image and create market awareness

9. Press releases generate valuable external links to your website

10. Press releases allow your company to appear trustworthy and professional

A note for those who’ve never written or published a press release: If you’re new to drafting and publishing press releases, it should be known that a press release has a very specific format. They are traditionally written with the media as the target audience, so they are formatted in a way that grabs attention and helps to secure favorable news media coverage. Each press release should have an eye-catching headline, a number of supporting paragraphs for your topic, a quote from a high-level spokesperson inside the company (owner, president, or c-level executive), and a paragraph at the end that tells the reader a bit about the company (history, mission statement, service offerings, number of years in business, etc.). The body content of a press release usually begins with the release date and city and state for the company. At the very end of the press release, the media contact person at the company is usually listed, along with all their contact information.

At DL Media, we write all press releases in Associated Press (AP) style. This means voice, grammar, punctuation and the like are written in the way news editors and reporters prefer.  Photos, video and logos can usually be submitted with the release.  Releases are submitted locally, regionally and nationally to the most appropriate markets and advertising categories.

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