The Power of Content

admin From Dianne's Desk

Do not underestimate the power of good content to engage customers. Stripped of photos and graphics, your business website, social media channels or services brochure is actually built on a foundation of words (content). If your story is weak, your customers will know it.

Provide value by providing credible information in an easy to understand and engaging way. Providing ongoing, relevant content will build a following. Your customers get to know you/your company by the stories being told.

1. Be consistent – stay on industry topics.
2. Be relevant – discuss what impacts your business and customers today.
3. Be credible – use accurate information.
4. Be yourself – don’t talk over or at your customers; speak to them.
5. Be unafraid – share what you know and your passion will show through.

If ‪copywriting‬ is not your strength, we’re here to help. We can take your ideas, write in a marketing voice and partner with you to engage new and existing customers.

Give me a call, I’ll answer all your content creation questions.