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The job description includes, but is not limited to creating engaging website interfaces for a large variety of clients in lots of different types of businesses. The successful candidate will work closely with our current front-end development and creative service team to create and maintain useful, easy to navigate websites and applications that motivate consumers. The ideal candidate for this position will be highly creative, detailed, customer focused and most of all someone who knows how to build and mold semantic mark-up language to into memorable user experiences.

The knowledge required for this position includes but is not limited to Word, Excel, HTML5, XHTML, PHP, Java, CSS/CSS3, Adobe Creative Suite, cross-platform expertise, MySQL, and SEO best practices.

Prior experience is a must and so is a way to review your past/current work. The successful candidate will be required to take skills/performance based tests on a website such as

Website development degree/equivalent experience required. Salary will based on experience.
Full-time benefits include health and life insurance, paid sick time, paid vacations and paid holidays and somewhat flexible work hours.

The successful candidate MUST be a very detail-oriented and organized person and have the ability to quickly adapt to changes in clients’ projects and needs as they arise. We currently employ two front-end developers who use WordPress, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, HTML5, etc., and have been outsourcing more complex programming when needed.

Please DO NOT apply for this position if your intent is to work remotely. This is a Monday through Friday IN OFFICE position. Please do not apply if you live/work outside the state of Missouri.

Required experience:
Website development, programming: 2+ years
Email your resume to or fill out the contact form on this site.

DL Media is truly a great place to work. Just like other companies we offer flexible work hours, great benefits, relaxed environment and more.

What makes us different is everyone at DL treats everyone else like family. Occasionally pepople bring their dogs to work. Some people bring their kids to work so they can watch TV or play video games when it’s a snow day. Other times people work from home when their kids are sick or out of school.

Another great benefit is our idea-based environment. As a full-service ad agency, we work on large and small projects across lots of different industries. One day you might work on a website for one of our airline clients and another day work on a public service project for a government office. It doesn’t get boring at DL Media.